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  Located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA ZIP 30341
It seems I have collected more interesting and usefull stuff than I will ever be able to put to good use, so I hope to be able to help other DIY types get inspired to start interesting projects of their own.

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Rusty Sparks

Sole Owner & Founder

Disclaimer: Rusty Sparks is not my real name, It is my eBay user name. My real name is Harry Oder, so now you see why I don't use it here.😁


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SameGuy DifferentHat

Technical Advisor, Micro Controller Programmer, Audio Engineer, Website Designer, IT specialist, Ham Radio Operator, PC Layout-Graphics Designer, Chief Machinist-Machine Shop

Have a technical question? email me, I'll do my best to answer.


The Kid

SameGuy SomewhatYounger 😆

Sales Weasel

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