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12 mH Ferrite core inductor for speaker crossover. New old stock.$7.501
Thordarson T-59899 72MH 1% inductor. 7 Ohm DCR 1.75" X .75" body, screw mount, solder lugs$8.729
5 MA DC panel meter. Face measures 2.25" wide X 1.75" high. Made in USA, new old stock.$5.246
New-Surplus CTS 200 Ohm linear pot in protective wrapping. 1.5 Watt .25" X 1.75" shaft. 3350-793000-1426-CTS416$3.2058
20K ohm 2 watt continuous rotation potentiometer for position encoder. New old stock.$19.651
10 ohm 100 watt wirewound resistor. Used, good.$6.206
7100 ohm 10 watt wirewound resistor. Center tap at 3550 Ohm. New old stock.$6.8012
Altec Peerless 15095 MC Step-up audio transformer. 150 ohm to 15K. good used condition.$39.562
Altec Peerless 15356A line matching audio transformer. 150 ohm to 600 ohm. good used condition.$21.564
MJE521 Motorola Silicon NPN Transistor Original Pack w Hardware - NOS$4.1214